Main Courses

Lamb Dishes
Gosht Pasanda £10.95
Marinated lamb scallops, seared and then cooked with almonds in a creamy and mildly spiced sauce.
Achari Gosht £10.95
A spicy preparation of lamb, with a flavouring of Indian pickles, garnished with ginger and green chillies.
Karahi Gosht £10.95
Tender lamb cooked in oriental herbs and spices with tomatoes green and red peppers, served in a karahi.
Kali Mirchi Gosht £10.95
Tender lamb cooked with onions, fresh ginger and garlic withan intense flavour of black pepper.
Palak Gosht £10.95
Lamb cooked with spinach to our unique recipe.
Rogan Josh £10.95
Tender lamb, cooked with onions, fresh ginger and garlic, and gently simmered in special spices and yoghurt.
Gosht Do Piaza £10.95
Lamb cooked with onions in a seven-spice sauce.
Tawa Gosht Masaledar £11.95
Tender select pieces of lamb, marinated overnight in mild spices and cooked on a tawa.
Karara Keema £10.95
Minced lamb prepared to Seven Spices' own spicy recipe.
Chicken Dishes
Murg Avadhi £9.95
Tender pieces of chicken, flavoured with seven spices and yogurt, and cooked to perfection with our special recipe.
Mirchi Murg £9.95
Fresh chicken cooked with fresh capsicum, onions and green chillies, garnised with coriander.
Makhani Murg £9.95
Tandoori chicken, finished in a velvety smooth tomato, butter and cream sauce.
Rarah Murgh £9.95
Tandoori chicken in a semi-dry sauce with onions and tomatoes, infused with garlic and fresh herbs.
Palak Murgh £9.95
Chicken cooked with spinach to our own recipe, and garnished with fresh ginger.
Lababdar Murgh £9.95
Chicken tikka, in a creamy tomato sauce flavoured with fresh ginger and a generous seasoning of fresh coriander.
Karahi Murgh £9.95
Pieces of chicken breast cooked in oriental herbs and spices with tomatoes and capsicum, served in a karahi.
Tawa Chicken Bhartha £10.95
Shredded chicken mildly spiced then delicately cooked on a tawa.
Fish & Prawns
Tawa King Prawns £14.95
King prawns, delicately spiced, cooked on a tawa.
Talwan Jhinga Nawab £13.95
King size prawns marinated in pomegranate juice and aromatic spices and seared, then cooked in a spicy onion and tomato masala with fresh herbs.
King Prawn Makhani £13.95
King prawns tossed in a ginger and garlic paste, finished in velvety smooth tomato and butter sauce.
Karahi Prawns £13.95
King prawns cooked in oriental herbs and spices with tomato and capsicum, served in a karahi.
Chilli King Prawns £13.95
King prawns, cooked with fresh tomato, onion capsicum and green chillies, garnished with coriander.
Saag Prawns £10.95
Prawns in spinach, cooked to our own recipe.
Goan Fish Curry £10.95
Succulent chunks of fish seared with garlic and chillies, finished in a tamarind sauce with coriander, curry leaves and fresh lime.
Fish Curry £10.95
Boneless pieces of fish cooked in a delectable sauce with fresh coriander.
Vegetarian Dishes
Chilli Paneer £7.50
Spicy cottage cheese in a tomato based sauce with onions and green peppers.
Vegetable Jalfrezi £5.95
A selection of fresh vegetables cooked in a spicy sauce.
Bhindi Masala £6.50
Okra cooked to our special recipe.
Bombay Aloo £5.50
Potatoes cooked with cumin seeds,tomatoes and spiced.
Tawa Paneer Masele Dar £7.50
Home made pieces of cottage cheese, prepared to our special recipe. Cooked with peppers and onions on a tawa.
Paneer Makhani £7.50
Tandoori-style paneer, cooked in a velvety smooth tomato, butter and cream sauce.
Karahi Paneer £7.50
Paneer cooked in oriental spices and herbs, with tomatoes and capsicum, and served in a karahi.
Matar Paneer £7.50
Paneer and peas, cooked in a mild sauce.
Palak Paneer £7.50
Paneer with spinach cooked to our own recipe.
Malai Kofta £6.95
Paneer stuffed vegetable cutlets, in lightly spiced almond gravy.
Bengan Bhartha £6.95
Aubergines roasted on charcoal, mashed and cooked with tomatoes and onions.
Saag Kamal Kakri £6.50
Spinach and lotus roots, cooked with seven spices.
Chilli Aloo £5.95
Lightly-fried potatoes cooked with fresh capsicum, onions and green chillies.
Channa Kabuli £5.50
Chickpeas, cooked in a special blend of spices with fresh ginger and green chillies.
Daal Makhani £5.50
Black whole lentils cooked with fresh tomato and garlic simmered overnight on charcoal
Daal Tarka £5.50
Yellow lentils, tempered with ginger and garlic.
Saag Aloo £5.50
Potatoes cooked with spinach.
Aloo Gobhi Masala £5.50
Potatoes cooked with fresh cauliflower.
Aloo Dum Kashmiri £5.95
Potatoes cooked in a mild sauce, with fennel.
Rice Dishes
Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani £13.95
This famous dish, a favourite of the Nawabs of Hyderabad, is the combination of unique spices and style of cooking, which makes it a special treat. Made with choice Basmati rice and spring lamb in a sealed pot. Served with a special Biryiani sauce.
Avadhi Chicken Biryani £12.95
Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with basmati rice, flavoured with our own blend of special spices and yogurt, finished in a sealed pot. Served with a special Biryani sauce.
Prawn Biryani £12.95
Basmati rice cooked with prawns to our own unique recipe. Served with a special Biryani sauce.
Vegetable Biryani £7.95
An assortment of fresh vegetables and finest Basmati rice cooked with our own blend of special spices. Served with a special Biryani sauce.
Mushroom Pilau £4.50
Pilau rice, cooked with mushrooms in a rich butter sauce.
Vegetable Pilau £4.50
Pilau Rice, cooked with mixed vegetables.
Jeera Pilau £2.95
Specially cooked Basmati rice with cumin, cardamom and bay leaves.
Lemon Rice £3.95
Specially cooked basmati rice with a flavour of lemon, curry leaves and brown mustard seeds.
Boiled Rice £1.95
Plain Basmati rice, steamed.
Some dishes may contain nuts or traces of nuts.
Kindly let the restaurant manager know for any food intolerances that you may have.


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